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    How to restore Exodus Wallet on a new PC?

    Have you lost access to your Exodus Wallet?

    Users may lose access to their wallet account as their device has been stolen or due to any other issue. Whenever you face such an issue, you need to follow the path to setup it up again on your Windows or Mac. Here in this read, we are going to talk about the way to restore the Exodus account on your new PC. This is easy and you can also do so by setting it up on your device. You can easily find the Exodus desktop app by visiting the download page.

    But before that, you need to ensure that you have the Exodus account seed phrase details and also confirm that your PC is connected to the secured internet. Now, you need to get to the next sections of this post to restore your wallet on your PC.

    How do I log in to my Exodus Wallet?

    Logging into your Exodus crypto wallet is a very easy and quick process. All you have to do is:

    • Once the wallet gets installed on your device, click on its icon to launch the Wallet app.
    • If you have already set up your wallet, you can skip the login part.
    • If you are logged out of your wallet, then you need to import the wallet to avail of it.
    • Now, enter the secret recovery phrase that you have received while setting up the wallet.
    • Now once you get logged in to your wallet, it’s time to use its services.

    Is Exodus safe?

    As we are living in this digital era, it is important to check the safety of everything that we use. When it comes to the safety of the Exodus crypto wallet, it is an extremely safe wallet. The wallet allows you to safely store multiple crypto assets on your device. Several features of the wallet make it safe. Mainly all your crypto-related information is stored offline on your device, i.e., you can easily manage your cryptos whenever you want. The feature allows only you to access the stored cryptos whenever you want directly by using private keys.


    Method to restore Exodus Wallet on your Mac

    If you are using a Mac then you need to follow the steps that are given below to restore your device:

    1. On your Mac, open a browser, and go to the www.exodus.com/downlaod page

    2. Now, you need to choose the browser on which you want to install the Exodus app

    3. After that, find the app setup file and then you need to double click on it

    4. Now, reach the ‘Use Secret Recovery Phrase’ option and then type the seed phrase

    5. After that, you are asked to enter the password in the respective field

    6. Now, you to find and click on the ‘Import Wallet’ button to restore your wallet.

    The process to restore Exodus Wallet on your Windows

    Users who have a Windows device can restore Exodus Wallet with the help of these steps:

    1. Open a browser and go to the www.exodus.com/downlaod page

    2. From this page, you can find the Exodus setup file for the browser of your PC

    3. Now, wait for a while and let the desktop setup file be downloaded

    4. After that, you should double-click on the setup file to run it

    5. Now, choose the ‘Use secret recovery phrase’ option to proceed

    6. Enter seed phrase details and then you need to enter the password details

    7. Once you click on the ‘Import Wallet’ button, you will be logged in to your wallet

    8. Finally, you have restored Exodus Wallet on your Windows device


    To sum up, Exodus allows you to create and access the wallet account easily and quickly. But in case you have lost access to your wallet then you need to re-install the Exodus app on your device. Make sure that you have used the correct Exodus Wallet seed phrase details to avoid issues while recovering the wallet. For now, we are sure that you have set up your Exodus Wallet account with the help of this post.